Saturday, May 3, 2014

A full heart?

We have what most consider a "large" family. And I suppose we do, according to today's standards. We have five children, ages ranging from 14 all the way down to 10 months. Often, we are asked odd, if not rude and nosey, questions. And sometimes it's just comments, like, "You have your hands full." I've been used to these comments for a long time actually. We started getting them with our third baby! And I'm always amused, and sometimes made a little sad by the meaning behind the comments.
 Children are such a blessing! Not only are they sweet and snuggley, but they provide comic relief and pride. I spend my days laughing so much you would think I was at a comedy show. And my heart swells with pride over every. little. accomplishment. My days start and end in hugs, every day. I am loved unconditionally, even on my bad days. 
So I'm always confused by the comments and questions, because why wouldn't someone want that? Or at the very least, understand why we would? 
The bible tells us children are a heritage from the Lord. A blessing from God. We have been blessed greatly and rejoice in them.
We love our gifts, and our hearts are not full. How can we ever not have room in our hearts for God's love?

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